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Betting websites that have the best handicap and odds

Betting websites that have the best handicap and odds

If you are into online sports betting, it is best to choose the best website that offers the best features. There are many features that you have to consider but among the best features that must be checked is the handicap and odds. Malaysia holds some of the best betting website that have the best handicap and odds that is why Malaysia is one of the good choices for a betting website.

The many betting websites available can make your selection tiresome but this article will try to provide a list of websites where you can have the best handicap and odds offered. This is to help you get more information about the possible websites and make you make better decisions in selecting which website to place your bets on.

Betting websites that have the best handicap and odds

Betting websites that have the best handicap and odds

The Betting Websites with the Best Handicaps and Odds

The websites to be enumerated are some of the well-known betting websites which can provide the best handicap and odds that you can use to make better decisions when betting. Some of this betting websites can be accessed from the SportsQQ288 website. Here are they:

  • Sportsqq288.com

This website has the widest selection of Malaysia betting methods and betting games. Aside from the wide choices of betting games, it also offers large deposit bonuses which means that you get bonus credits every time you meet a certain bonus amount. You can receive these bonuses right away.

  • 888sport

888sport has a good range and selection of Asian games that are very popular in the Asian region. If you are in to football, this is also the best website to go to because the unique football promotions you can receive. This betting website also offers treble bets for new players.


This one surely fits the Asian people because this betting website offers a single Asian Handicap for every game it has. Because of this, the average odds versus the other website’s are among the best especially in football games. For the welcome bonus, you will also receive a fantastic amount one you join in.


This website is known for giving a wide range of money back offers. Aside from that, the website also offers bet or deposit bonus. If you bet $10, you will also get $30 back for free.

All about Handicaps and Odds

Many still don’t know what Handicaps and Odds mean in the online betting world. Many of these people are beginners or the people who haven’t actually tried betting online. Odds are actually the probabilities or chances that an outcome will happen. The analysis of which team or player favors the other is also shown in an Odds table.

Handicap, specifically Asian Handicap, is a betting type wherein the sports bookmaker analyzes each team’s probability to win and how the people sees each team to win. If Team A is seen to be more in favor to win than Team B, the sports bookmaker may adjust the handicap to 1:2 in favor of Team B. This means that Team B is now ahead of a point against Team B in the betting game. Team A needs to exert more effort to gain more points before the bettors who placed their bets on Team A wins.

The Odds table may also be one of the basis for the Handicap bets to be adjusted.


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